Principal’s Message

FAITH, EXCELLENCE, TRUTH– The school whole-heartedly follows this motto. The school believes that the growth of the children is not only about his academic learning but also about his attitude towards his life. These children will be living their life in a fast changing world hence the school tries its best to shape these children to become responsible global citizens of the country by constantly focusing on giving them the best.

Capt. William’s School ensures that the teachers teach and the pupils learn within a disciplined, supportive and thoroughly modern environment.

Imparting quality education to each and every child irrespective of caste, creed, sex or religion is the main aim of the school. Education is not only about learning the core subjects, it is also about developing awareness about one’s self; therefore, the school focuses on the holistic growth of the child.

As with teaching faculty, we have employed experienced, trained and talented teachers who have dedicated themselves to shape the children well- physically, mentally and emotionally. Each and every teacher gives emphasis on the way knowledge is imparted in order to ensure that learning is wholesome.

Regarding research and development, in order to keep track on the development of the children, we conduct several experimental assessments by assigning the students with different tasks from time to time in all the areas. These assessments help the teacher to develop and stimulate every child’s abilities to his or her highest potential.

The school lays much emphasis on academics as well as on sports and other leisure activities. Audio-visual room, Computer room, playfields all plays an integral part in this endeavor of imparting wholesome knowledge.

To ensure security of students and their belongings, careful thought is applied in the construction of all the rooms and also in the workforce by employing ayahs and security guards.

Our final objective is to build confident and matured students by ensuring them “Faith, Excellence and Truth.”

Debzanie Momin


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